The distinct challenges in different societies of the world on the issue of gender mainstreaming have set the ball rolling in the Win Institute for Gender Studies (WIGS). The creation of a platform for the discussion of the role and position of men and women in society becomes imminent; the essence being to promote tolerance for gender and to systematically eliminate gender inequality. WIGS is designed to provide participants with inter disciplinary lens through which to examine human conditions and experiences; gender role development; legal, political, economic, social and cultural systems. Gender awareness benefits individuals, communities, organizations and institutions because gender operates as a factor on socio-political and family institutions and policies. WIGS is therefore out to eliminate gender stereotypes in society, support a work-life balance, greater representation of women in decision-making process, and stop violence against women.

this program, we will see how the promotion of female leadership and gender equality can benefit both economies and societies, as well as women’s economic situations.

Swelling the ranks of women in the workforce allows economy to make full use of its human capital. It will be crucial to sustaining growth in emerging markets in the long term. Research by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) shows that economies with high female labour force participation rates are more resilient to economic shocks and suffer from slowdowns in economic growth less often. Last year the McKinsey Global Institute put an astonishing monetary value on women’s work, claiming that
achieving global gender parity in economic activity could add $28 trillion to annual global GDP in
2025—with almost $3 trillion added to India’s GDP alone.

At the core of this summit is to discuss the subject matter of Gender, drill the delegates through the trajectories of principles, definitions, systems and practices to enable them proactively factor it to everyday circumstances.

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