Leadership Dynamics for Senior Women

Course Background:

This leadership dynamic course is a powerful learning opportunity that takes women executives to another level in awareness and understanding of range of strategies open to the effective women leaders.The course offers a unique opportunity for senior women executives within Africa therefore building a greater understanding of a diverse range of leadership challenge To thrive in dynamic environment every leader must utilise their individual strengths and balance personal and professional goals. The leadership dynamic for senior women course coaches high potential women to reach new levels of success as team leaders and organisational visionaries. leadership dynamics however, puts you in pole position every time.

Leadership (and its battle field) is never static, and the ability to learn, adapt and innovate is key for the most successful women in business. In order to propel meaningful change among women, there is need for a wide range of innovations emerging from diverse actors throughout the world that allow women to break boundaries and realise their inner potential. Leadership Dynamics is crucial at this point when women need the infrastructure to brazenly shatter through the imaginary barriers of sexism to capture the evolving new world where competence, competitiveness, skill and talent weigh over biological circumstance of male or female condition. Certainly, critical thinking and problem solving abilities are needed in a global work environment that is moving faster at a pace than ever. Leaders provide vision and meaning for an institution and embody the ideals toward which the organization strives. It is very obvious that social, economic, psychological and even generational barriers still prevent women from reaching the top. Leadership dynamics for senior women however provides you with an unparalleled opportunity to establish a sound foundation in the critical leadership skills necessary for tomorrow’s women, and enable you to integrate these vital skills into your own personal leadership style. New ways of strategic thinking and leading are needed to do more with less and ensure organizational growth. This highly interactive masterclass provides women executives, managers, directors, women in academics and all interested individuals with an understanding of the key capabilities needed to lead an organization creatively and successfully in the face of today’s constantly changing circumstances and environment.


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