The 2019 Dubai Leadership Development Masterclass for Women Executives

This much too- rare course is strategically structured to build the
skills of women leaders to brazenly bring creativity and new ideas
into their workplaces for organizational breakthroughs.In facing the

challenges of managing careers, coping with working or
existing in a male – dominated environment, work-system, community or
organization, women often struggle with how to develop their own
leadership styles and effectively enhance their own power, personal
effectiveness and status within the organizational design. To wriggle out
of leadership challenges, assert your professional or personal
effectiveness and climb through to the peak, you need to recognize,
understand and transform common challenges into building blocks of
It is very obvious that social, economic, psychological and even
generational barriers still prevent women from reaching the top. The
women need the skill infrastructure to brazenly shatter through the
imaginary barriers of sexism to capture the evolving new world where
competence, competitiveness, skill and talent weigh over biological
circumstance of male or female condition. Certainly, critical thinking and
problem solving abilities are needed in a global work environment that is
moving faster at a pace than ever. Leaders provide vision and meaning for
an institution and embody the ideals toward which the organization
Being a good leader as well as a good manager demands a complex set of
skills and attributes – but outstanding leaders recognise that combining
the necessary skills with their own unique strengths is vital if they are to
maximise their performance. This course provides you with an
unparalleled opportunity to establish a sound foundation in the critical
leadership skills necessary for tomorrow’s women, and enable you to
integrate these vital skills into your own personal leadership style. New
ways of strategic thinking and leading are needed to do more with less and
ensure organizational growth. This highly interactive masterclass provides
women executives, managers, directors, women in academics and all
interested individuals with an understanding of the key capabilities
needed to lead an organization creatively and successfully in the face of
today’s constantly changing circumstances and environment.


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